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Logo (56kers beware)


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BSH, if I would be a donkey or a frog i'd be shit-scared looking at this viking

really impressive photoshop skills. Do you mind sharing one of your psd with us, think we all can learn a great deal from it.

On another notice, i still really don't get why lude decided to not use the 'µ' as 16x16 logo, think the simplicity (and the uniqueness of the character) is it's power. Ofcourse a simple 'µ' isn't good enough, but look at flashMX, or 3dsmax6, both have just a 'f' or a'6' as logo, and works fine.

The argumentation on why to use a viking has some open ends, don't find it resembling a 'networked communication' idea strong enough (but then again should it?, edonkey or azereus are just animals, ???). Just like to comment on the useage of the tribal guy, .. it reminds me (or is somthing) more like a logo that could be used for a linux distro (don't know why, just has this feeling).

Anyway, good luck

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I like the top one, but maybe the smile/eyes could be changed a little, because the facial expression is just a little too blank for my tastes.

The bottom one is nice as well, maybe making the eyes less pointed upwards and the shading a little lightened.

I like both designs much better than the original green guy.

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