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Logo (56kers beware)


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maybe or the swarm buuterfly thing, you could make something that resemble this images (less fractal, but swarming in a way, and maybe focus more on one butterfly in particulair. Maybe this Main butterfly could have a nice marking on his wings. Instead of eye's maybe a nice µ)


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well, it does in my world..neat place, you should visit it sometime. :P

bees look like dots when in a swarm until they're right in your face...

not that my opinion matters much, but I think that we've narrowed the logo choice down to three general choices:

shrill's tribal guy "micro"

gooey's butterfly

BSH's bees

and their numerous varients

thing is, logos aren't supposed to blow your mind away, the product is. logos and names are one in the same. they just have to be unique enough to where people don't have to think when they see it.

I mean, next you guys are gonna want a splash screen..lol

maybe the butterfly isn't the best idea if it reminds people of msn. in which case we have BSH and shrill's original ideas. whatever ludde chooses though. he's the only person that was able to pull me away from burst, so I trust his judgement lol

and ludde, you have guys like ignorantcow and firon to help you choose :P

yeah, I'm a bit of a scatter-brain at this time of night ^^;

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ok just a question and try not to take too much offence to it

are we trying to make utorrent look like it's made my a bunch of faries. i mean don't get me wrong but a butterfly is just not working from my point of view. ok lets see what it can represent. it's small light, and it's flying around. but really i just don't like it as a mascot. and please try not to get too mad i just don't like it

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@ BSH, I like it and your on to someting and finally 'micro' is included (instead of "you"torrent). Really like the way you have him/she/it positioned, not afraid, but confident. The shadow is a nice touch to it. Now we just how to figure out some additions to make 'micro' look powerful (in the sense that everyday micro is just small, while utorrent is small but powerful), i do not think along the lines of shrills speer or sword, but something more suddle and intelligent/sofistocated.

I doesn't look anything like Jark

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I'm not sure this has been posted before but...

When i think of something small yet powerful, an ANT comes to my mind. Strong enough to take down large enemies like a giant blue poisonous frog (Azureus) when work as a swarm. Hard workers and they take care of each other (not leechers).

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