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Logo (56kers beware)


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How about MicroMan! A cross between Superman & a microchip, with a µ on his chest instead of an S, & a green cape instead of red.

Or maybe a guy with a micron for a head.


I also think a Gnat would be better than a bee. They are smaller than a bee, they also form swarms, and I've seen too many bee logo's used for other products.

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lol if any guy had that as a head, he might as well be the Flying Spaghetti Monster xD

Unfortunately, µ can't be in the logo, so Microman would look odd without it.

lol here's another reason wasps/bees are cool =P

I missunderstood. I thought they just ment they wanted the logo to be more than just the µ. I didn't realize they were getting rid of the µ. Too bad, I like the µ. :(

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Thats more like it. blends in nicely with the site and looks alot more professional. Good work BSH definately my favourite one of urs so far.

i think it would be nice to see some icons for it too if possible. Probably need to make them vista compatible as it wont be long till that lump of junk will be released and everyone will want theyre huge 256x256 icons slapped on theyre desktops. Also just a thought, becauase of the way the whole concept of µTorrent is based around the light shades of green, maybe a couple of alternative coloured icons as i feel on the light grassy type wallpapers some ppl use , they may find the icon abit difficult to see.

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scubasteve, if you check post #682, the beehive logo there is pretty visible,

even for people will light background on their desktop.

Btw, BSH, the beehive looks wierd with it's shape as a 16x16 icons,

I think the longer part should be vertically not horizontally.

Except for that, the icon is really nice and clear :)

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