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Logo (56kers beware)


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I have been reading through some pages but not all of them and I have some good concept idea's(sorry if I repeat an idea, I went from page 4 to the last page lol). Sense the µ = Micro Sign we can make something that is small and make it bigger. Here are my idea's listed in the order I like the most:




That's pretty much all I can think of but the Raindrop would be pretty nice to see.

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Is a different toolbar going to be used now? And what about something for .torrent files? Windows would just paste the wasp icon onto a pixelated white document picture and that would look ugly. I know users could change the icon through Folder Options, but I think an icon should be included in the executable.

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My congrats, BSH - nice project for our logo and might be also useful in case of lager icons (as boo has already written)!

I'm just wondering, how the 16x16 mini icon of hive will look like :rolleyes:

.. but let's give him some time to finish ;)

Btw. as to *.torrent file icons I personally like and use that document one with our classic "µ" letter (just checked - made by Decaritae). Normal version, not that one with bold rounding. Might be a good default solution, what do you think??? :cool:

PS. Why a properly written "micro" turns into some crap after submitting the post?

PS. As I don't want to OT (too much ;) ) - thanks Firon for the quick answer!

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