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Logo (56kers beware)


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I know this is kind of late, but I read this topic a while ago and when I got my latest issue of popsci I knew I had to share it here.


Dont think utorrent can use it, as its licenced to a company called Micreon (hell they created it with a electron microscope and a laser) And no its not a shop :P

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I can't believe how freaking long I've just spent reading this entire thread..

I liked the tribal guy "micro" right up until the bees, where it suddenly felt very dated.

The winning bee is nice and does definitely suit the website well.

However, I do think the original bees BSH did had character (which was the reason I liked the "micro" tribal guy). I don't get that feel from the bee that was chosen.

Also I wanted to request a modification of one of the original bees BSH did, but haven't been able to think how to phrase what I mean. So I did a quick mock-up of it (basically it's a combination of different bees - look out for the switched eyes).


Sorry for the modification, if BSH does the modification himself I can edit this out. Although I don't expect it as the design wasn't selected.

Anyway, congratulations on the win.

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I know that this thread has been beat to death...33 pages...:)

I'm not sure who's really in charge of this sort of thing anymore, but I designed a logo/icon that IMO wouldnt be all that bad for this program (which seems almost impossible to symbolize without the "µ").

I chose a parrot. Their colors stand out and they're easily recognized. There arent many programs out there (that I'm aware of) that use this is a "mascot". And, it's sort of an inside joke to us amidst all the Corporations out there seeking justice in the BT universe. Parrots are associated with pirates (the general image that Bittorrent has had to shake many times). However, it's subtile enough that it doesnt scream "Bittorrent'ers are pirates."

Not only that, but they look great in several different colors. :) I've tried this icon as main/tray in utorrent and it looks great, IMO.

Anyways, post your thoughts.



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Interestingly enough, the parrot sorta has a little µ in it if you try looking at the overall shape of the icon (longer... hanging extension on the left, short hanging extension on the right -- or whatever you want to call it ;P). Not sure if it was intentional, but it's there, and I see it :P

Thoughts? Your animal icons rock xD They're very elegant looking and of high quality, as usual :)

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