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Logo (56kers beware)


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sorry but that tray icon looks bland and ugly and not much like a shoe. making a nice big beautiful logo is the easy part, its making the logo into an icon that will look nice thats hard.

could be onto something there ryz. just have to see if we can get an icon representing something along those lines.

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I'm a new user of µTorrent, used BitComet previously, and ABC before that. So far µTorrent is covering all my needs and more and whilst using less memory and resources, it's a pleasure to behold.

Saw the topic and the request for a logo and thought I'd throw my idea into the ring, would be more than happy to give back to the developers of this fine app :)



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Looks good, Shrill.

IgnorantCow had stated that ludde was looking for something to represent utorrent w/out the use of the µ, however.

As far as the footprint, I just think µtorrent needs a logo with a little more life or energy to it.

I have to say this is by far the toughest thing I've ever had to come up with a logo for (w/out using the µ).

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Thanks for the feedback and kind words everyone... glad you liked the logo :)

As for where I got the inspiration from... I'm not entirely sure, I just started out wanting to create something "tiny and cute" that represented µ (micro) without the actual symbol.

Before I knew it, it ended up turning into a tiny tribal sorta pigmy guy.

The primary thinking behind the logo is:

tiny, cute, friendly, compact, small.

but using the little "warrior" character it also portrays:

strength, pride, power

There was also a subtle thing that MechR picked up on. The straight lines near his left eye. You can also see on the right side of his head it has straight edges. These were intended to show that he is in fact a robot.

This side of him represents: digital, advanced, micro(chip), an application/tool.

He's also monochrome, so would be easy to imprint onto something, have displayed in any colour you wanted, or featured on a cup/poster/t-shirt with only a single ink.

Hope this sheds some light on the thinking behind the logo's creation. ;)

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