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Port foward checker says Error: port not open, but I am dloading slow


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Hello, first time user and very green!

I went through the portforward.com tutorial and set up port forwarding and started a 'torrent'. I first off checked to see if port forwarding was open for my specified port through the Utorrent port checker and it said that the port was not open. However, I seem to be downloading my 'program/torrent' albeit very slowly. I am confused should I be able to download this torrent in utorrent if that port is not open?

Thanks in advance,


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Also new on torrents.

Went to PortForwarding found my router Zyxel Prestige600HW61 everything is fine until I got the page where I need to insert Password only (not asking for username). I've tried: blank, admin, 1234 but none of them work. Any known trick to guess the password so I can set the port forwarding?

Without the port forwarding option I still can download but very slow. The red button on the application status bar is telling me: Not connectable. A firewall/router is limiting the amount of traffic. You need to open a port so others can connect to you.

Any suggestions on how to fix this will be appreciated.

thanks a lot

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