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Feature Request Index page with Voting


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I have created a new Feature Request Tracking page to help keep track of μTorrent feature requests.

I hope that something like this will help consolidate feature requests and minimize the duplication of requests and threads.


* Browse list of already request features

* Click feature request title to go to the forum thread for that request

* Vote YES or NO for the features you also want or don't want

* Add new feature requests (submissions are moderated)

How to add a new feature request:

If a FORUM topic already exists (most likely):

1. Open the forum topic and copy the URL


1. Create a new thread in the forum

2. Open Feature Request Tracking page.

3. Type in a title and short description of your request

4. Paste in the forum URL

5. Click Submit

Your submission will be approved or rejected by a moderator.

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That's awesome man. Simply genius. Reminds me of election night all over again. In fact, I will now begin to campaign for my requested feature. This really does give a good indication of whether or not a feature is really wanted.



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Wow, thank you again. I think I'm going to add this to my sig. Once again, this idea was genius. Really, good job. This must've taken quite a while to peruse through the features and then go ahead and program a page. Dedication man. I'd give you a cookie, but you'll just have to go with my praise and appreciation. I think everyone can agree when I say that this is an invaluable addition to feature requesting. This really differentiates argument within the thread and knowing whether people actually support the feature or not. Yay for creating politics on the forums.



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Just dont add to many features to that list..

Since I've had it up, there have only been about 3-5 NEW threads for feature requests. All the features that are on that list people submitted from older threads that already exist.

I have a feeling that people will look at the least, and use the links there to talk about their feature requests, thus cutting down significantly on repeated requests.

At least that's the hope.

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hmm, maybe there is a bug in the voting. I voted "no" on a feature,

it said it accapted my vote etc, but then I saw it still said 5 votes for "no", not 6.

So I thought that it might haven't counted my vote, so I voted again.

But then ofcourse it said I had already voted, but still it said 5 had voted "no".

So I tried to clean my cache to see if it somehow was FF showing the old result,

but it wasn't FF, it still said 5 voted for "no".

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