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What a decides good or feature? Please remove it, I think the most of us can determinate what's considered as a good or bad feature according to the votes. Flagging a feature good or bad will only make future votings biased.

no' date=' just check if there is a bug in the script.

btw, why is "Say Hi to KiB, MiB, GiB and TiB" marked as a bad feature??[/quote']

lol, TiB....

don't expect to see those sorts of torrents any time soon...

Sigh.. you probably even don't know what it is.

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well kb *is* the standard. hence why kib is such a hard sell ;) plus it doesnt really add or clarify anything (Kilobytes//KIlobytes).

To me there's no confusion about kb is 1024bytes. And to anyone who doesnt know its 1024 they learn by asking. Otherwise they just think its 1000, wich doesnt matter much when u think about it. they just think their connection goes a little bit faster. who cares.

Now KB and kb thats another story (bits and bytes).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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