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Why would a torrent have 2 (773) seeds?


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Out of 773 seeds I can seriously only connect to 2? The torrent in question is only downloading at around 16kbps.

I use UnPnP and it works perfectly, staying green.

I usually get average around 120-200kbps speeds.

This torrent I am attempting to get has 2 (773) seeds and 16 (1092) peers. How can it be I am only connected to 2 seeds and 16 peers if the cache has so many listed?

Is it possible to re-scrape? Would that even do anything? What do I do?

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I did not know that connecting to more seeds/peers would slow me down? Why is this? the torrent in question is only coming across at 16.5 kbps right now and like I said I usually get over 100 easily.

I figured if it had connected to more than 2 I would see an increase above 16 kbps?

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