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uTorrent suddenly slows the internet down to almost zero


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Hi There!

Ive got a strange problem with uTorrent since yesterday evening. As soon as i start up uTorrent i can NOT surf the web anymore or do ANYTHING related to internetspeed. Not a single setting changed since at least 2 weeks, nothing new installed ect.

My connectiontype is DSL 16.000 and even tho uTorrent only shows upload in the 13kb range my browser refuses to open any sites. As soon as uTorrent is shut down everything is back to normal.

On a differend note: have a second PC in the network that is NOT affected by this. I do not run uTorrent on that one. But this shows that my connection is still there and working as it should. Only uTorrent seems to take the whole bandwith on the PC its running at.

So what can i do now? :/

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Thanks for the Link, something in there REALLY helped me. Working like 2 days ago now. But still wondering what made the trouble in the first place. I have been using uTorrent since 2 weeks without any trouble at all, untill yesterday :-/

well thanks again :)

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