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Upload problems- Went from max to minimum


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I'm having uploading problems with a torrent I recently created. Before I was uploading at my maximum speed, which is 1mbps, and now I am uploading at a considerably slower rate of 8-15kB.

I read this nifty faq: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992

and I now think it has to do with the swarm and nothing else.

When I first started seeding, it said there was one seeder (being me) and one leecher. I was uploading to that person at about 60kB, and then someone else joined in an hour later and I began uploading at about the same rate to each of them (120kB total now). It was like this for a few hours, until out of no where the rate just plummeted to that 8-15kB I spoke of.

The original leecher has since left, but 3 other people have taken his place and the speed still won't increase. What's more interesting is that I am no longer shown as a seed. It says that there are 0(0) Seeds and 4(4) peers. However, If I hover over the uTorrent icon in the tray, it will tell me that I am there seeding by saying 1(1).

Can anyone help me with this? How can I improve the swarm? Sorry if I sound like a "newbie", I have never had these problems before...


I'm using Shaw Cable Exteme-I

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I enabled the encryption for an hour and saw no change in speed. Either way, my speeds have never been stifled like this before.

I rarely use initial seeding. I've always found that it makes me upload slower.

Should I enable encryption and initial seeding for a while, just to make sure?

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Nah, initial seeding would (indeed, as you've observed) aggrevate the problems. Try forcing encryption and disabling legacy incoming connections. I'm still of the opinion that Shaw is throttling (you'll see evidence to that end scattered across the forums).

What does the Speed Guide show your settings to be?

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