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Speed Problem - Unknown Issue


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I've been using utorrent for approx 12 months getting 30kB speed regularly. This dropped to about 8kB recently. I've tried everything including rebuilding my computer. I am using the following:

DELL Inspiron 630m laptop

Windows XP Operating System with SP2

Zone Alarm basic firewall (was previously using McAfee)

AVG Free Edition (was previously using McAfee)

Speedstream 4100 modem (with assigned utorrent port forwarded)

DLINK DWL-G700ap wireless router (I cannot access this to view / edit configurations - default password isn't working and reset isn't resetting password)

ISP - Telstra - 512k broadband with unlimited upload (throttled at 12g download)

Network connect flag is green (OK)

Port is correctly forwarded (and it says it's ok when I use the "Test if port is forwarded correctly" program)

Speed Guide / Upload Limit 40kB/s, Upload Slots 1, Connections 90, Connections (global) 150, Max active torrents 3, Max active downloads 2

Speed Test - Latency 251ms, Download Speed 56Kb/s, Upload Speed 64Kb/s

Utorrent is allowed in the firewall (done with previous firewall McAfee and current Zone Alarm)

I've done the following:

Tried tweaking the config with different bandwidth limiting and connections

Used the auto Connection Type with for speeds lower than 512 so that utorrent configs system automatically

Applied the SP2 patch TCPIP.sys to 50 and 70 respectively and changed the net_max.halfopen to 50

I have v1.6 and the current beta version - both are running slow

Connecting directly to the modem

I have previously been throttled by my ISP provider - every month actually and I still get better speeds than I am now.

I cannot figure out what is wrong.

Can someone PLEASE help this is driving me crazy.

Also - the torrents i am downloading have good peer / seed ratios and the majority are from good private sites.

I've set this up on two other peoples computers in the past couple of weeks with no issue. All i've done is download the program, forward the ports and add the program to the firewall and it's all good!!!! but not for me!!!

if you could help I would be greatful:)

My email is mj_050572@hotmail.com.

Thanks heaps!


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Switeck - I have been able to upload up to 40 sustained - yes... Even when throttled I used to be able to sit at about 20 / 25.... but for some reason that past month i can barely reach 10....

I've changed modem / wireless to 2Wire 2701HGV-W model and opened ports again.... This hasn't changed the situation at all.

I've checked the encryption option so that Telstra cannot see what I am downloading...

I'm at a loss and really need some idea of what to try next!


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Lower the half open limit in µTorrent (net_max.halfopen) immensely...to like 1-4.

Lower total connections to 50 and per-torrent connections to 30.

...and retest after turning off and back on (after 30+ seconds) router+modem and rebooting computer.

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