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Unrecognized client ID's (May become a danger zone for dialup users)


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Not a big problem, but it's still there. If anyone else sees any more unknown client ID's not mentioned yet, please post them here. I'd like to remind people to please thumbnail and link any images larger than 50KB. Since there are very few colors in screenshots of the GUI, PNG images compress extremely well.

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Lots of pictures in the thread, could make it load slowly for 56kers.

Oh. Thanks :P

It wouldn't have anything to do with Unicode support, would it? Is there any chance these programs will be fixed when ludde releases a version with Unicode support (since afaik there is one under construction)? Some of those IDs look like what you get when specifying the wrong encoding..

/me hates faked ID's... :mad:


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I am curious why clients such as Burst, ABC, and Mainline are labeled normally ("Burst! 1.1.3", "Mainline 4.2.0") while other clients just get the generic "client/1234" label. It should be one or the other.

Also wanted to note that the funky ASCII client IDs are not due to lack of unicode. Azureus has full unicode support and shows these weird clients as well.

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The weird clients are either encrypting the client ID or faking it.

As for the reason why some are not displayed correctly: It's because µTorrent doesn't recognize all. And all client IDs has to be written into the code for them to be translated correctly.

I found one more ID:


It's as most have figured out BitTorrent Plus 1.2.1 and wow what a messy client: Screenshots

At least it shows how many pieces that are downloaded :)

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