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Unrecognized client ID's (May become a danger zone for dialup users)


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and what tracker did you see this on Animorc?

When I see a µTorrent in the peer list it is always only 1-5 µTorrent users :P

The tracker was BoxTorrents.

Good Lord! :o I don't believe it! :lol: Did you PhotoShop that screen? I've never seen sooo many µTorrent users... :D

Of course I Photoshopped it to get rid of IPs and flags. The clientlist is unmodified though ;)

btw, I was connected to 50 peers on that torrent, so that makes µTorrent the most common client :D

Edit: Found another unknown client and another pretty sight :)


BTM16B sounds like BitTorrent Manager, but that one has reached v4.1 and it looks exactly like the official client.

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FUTB and xUTB seems to be BitComet mods/addons/hacks. I've seen them a couple of times.

FUTB = F*ck U TorrentBytes. When TB banned( or considered banning) Bitcomet months ago , someone whose name escapes me produced a patch to disable PEX in the client, they also amended the client_id to register their disgruntlement. The patch was eventually approved for use on TB then became redundant when a later ver of BC allowed PEX to be disabled.

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