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Unrecognized client ID's (May become a danger zone for dialup users)


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The Only addition I can verify to this is (as yet unidentified Chinese client NP/0201)

I'm thinking it has some relation to Xunlei/Thunderbolt... I don't suppose we have many Chinese µT users since their internet system is far different (read as: strangled).

The additions can be found @

Edit: LOL re-reading the thread when you're not on three hours of sleep helps... BO/WA0C --> BO/ made it a mystery.

Edit: All reported clients Added for next build. Wyzo Xunlei Vagaa and Limewire should decode correctly now. Bits on Wheels too.

Re: NP tag, I wonder if anyone who speaks both chinese and english can frequent the chinese part of our forum or ask for help @ the neighborhood Tuotu forum here Please note it's in chinese.

Edit: I could have sworn I saw it decoded, but http://xbtt.sourceforge.net/client/ does not seem to be working.

XBT073--frAQBc8Wsa1y is the peerid and since 0.7.3 is the latest according to http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=94951&package_id=113736&release_id=479531 I can imagine that's the general format.

Is LW/ not LimeWire? Because in the latest it's still reporting as unknown.

New batch of CLIENTIDs I'd appreciate other input / verification.

MLDonkey (if so it's already implemented and may need to be tweaked) -ML2.9.2-«'îd4FÞ±

Shadow clientids? Unknown S~/2257 ... Unknown S~/2250

Could there be a generic "Bitspirit" tag?? IDs such as: ¹³§Ù~çUDP0 ÂgãÊazóUDP0 _ñ?ùASóUDP0 Jë3X;ÏaUDP0 don't decode.

Interesting seemingly gibberish IDs: J?¶BËìÚGÄì?ÆiÇã©\ß? ... ¤&Öz>"UDP0 ... /6A£?Ók¢ßÇ3jÏÈÒýþ?É ... S ¬µÑëJ4Í ... ô{-HmñoÕÖíù3+ß ... æúl¹Ü¿]~ÉÑ2êäÎ(ñ^ ...

Additional ids: LIST c/o bittorrent.org http://bittorrent.org/beps/bep_0020.html (Covers BR GS KT MR NX PD TR XX)

Unknown GS/


Unknown lt/0B90 Libtorrent 0.12.9 <--- but why didn't it decode

[noparse]FUTB 98ðûé²¹«9 Ë[/noparse] <-- previously mentioned as BitComet

-WT-0001ª/æ? ?? lÂÑ <-- Bitlet <-- http://blog.bitlet.org/2007/09/peerid-and-announce-list.html

ERSAnonymous <--- Interesting no version

-aria2-oJWFpbAFcuvfP <-- aria2.sourceforge.net

btpd/0.13|?á#S3??{ <-- www.murmeldjur.se/btpd


Unknown BD/

BitTorrent SDK 2.0 <---- VERY COOL is this DNA 2.0?

Unknown BR/0332

Unknown BT/

Unknown FC/

Unknown IT/ <-- Imesh Turbo >? Appears to be re-skinned Azureus..."java-based bittorrent client" lol http://sharingzone.com/imeshturbo.html

Unknown KT/2100

Unknown MR/1100

Unknown NX/

Pando <-- Not in list, but decodes, SPIFFY

Unknown PD/

Unknown TR/1010

Unknown VT/

Unknown XX/1153

Edit: Made note of the clients decoded according to BT.org's BEP list (in silver :D

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