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Weird Problem


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I've been using uTorrent for quite awhile, and it always worked fine. I reformatted a couple days ago and now it seems to be causing some really weird problems.

Problem #1

When uTorrent is running, if I try to open firefox, it will take up to a minute or more for firefox to even open. If I close uTorrent and kill the firefox process and do it again firefox pops right open like it should.

Problem #2

When running uTorrent, it takes webpages INSANE amounts of time to load. Sometimes it will benormal, a few millaseconds, sometimes it will take 10 seconds, sometimes 40, sometimes 2 minutes. All on the same page, just hitting refresh. Closing uTorrent and reopening firefox or ie (it does it on both) fixes it. But as soon as I run uTorrent it does it again.

I thought it was an AV/FW problem so I completely closed both, which are the same ones with the same settings I had 2 days ago, problem still presists.

I dont know what to do. Only thing I can think is that its a driver issue, but that doesnt really make sense and I dont think I changed any drivers....anyone got any ideas? I dont want to have to stop using uTorrent unless I'm not at my computer or playing a game...


One other thing. If I download something else using Firefox or IE, it downloads at normal speed.

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i have exactly the same problem!!!!

its really annoying i have to close utorrent down and wait for its process to end before i can even open firefox, i can open IE and safari when utorrent is working away but as soon as i try tto access a page the browsers just hang and eventujally fail (the pages dont open). if i open firefox then open utorrent and try to access a page firefox just crashes "firefox has encountered a problem and needs to close, its especially annoying to me as sometimes i leave my computer on for days to seed/download, as i never close utorret i can assume my computer is seeding and leave it however after a couple of days i will find i forgopt to run utorrent after browsing the internet and my computer was completely idle for the whole time!!!! (i do pay the electricity bill at home!!!)

i have tried as the guywhoknows how to live has disabling all addons unistalling shokwave, i also tried sdisabling my utorretn webui and disabling upnp i am running the latset beta of utorretn (i cant open it now to tell u which one though) and have tried rolling back to previous versions of utorrent. my router is a linksys wrt54g, i havent flashed it witha different bios recently, if it matters i run windows xp x64 and use KIS for antivirus etc. i havent recently changed any settings so i cant think utorrent has decided to go mad on me,

help!!!! please!!!

any more questions on my setup ill be glad to answer


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ok following the guide Lord Alderaan gave then:

ok i read the setup guide utorrent passes speed tests every time

my firewall is configured to allow utorrent ive tried adding and removing utorrent ports from the windows firewall, ive disabled and reenbled KIS , utorrent when opened downloads and uploads at the maximium speeds set by my ISp

ive read the FAQs and through searching forums i found this page,

my connection works with utorrent, most of the trackers on the torrents im curretly down/uploading read "Working"

ive already made the patch to allow 50 half open connections and set utorrent appropriately with max half open at "48" thsi problem has been happening for a while so ive obviously resstarted my computer a couple of times,

the thing is ive been using utorrent for agfes now (since january) on the statics in utorretn (before i reinatalled it) it claimed utorretn had been open for like weeks,

this problem has only recently started happening..

one more thing btw i use uitunes occasionly, but hwneever i try to access the store with utorrent open it claims, "Itunes could not be connected to the itunes store, the connection timed out."

so help plz

i have fololowed the instrucitons now hopefully "-well-"

if you can thing of any specific areas you wish to question me on plz do...

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ok ive Disable IP resolving in the Peers tab context menu i do that anyway (so i can thank seeding peers by their ip)

upnp is disabled although i hacve tried with no joy enabling it.

i dont see why lowering my maximum global number of connections or disabling DHT should help as ive always used my current settings and never had any problems before

i no the problem is not to do with the router because other computers on my netwoirk use the same router with utorrent with nop problems.

i usually turn off my computer, modem, and router before goin to bed, they are then turned bck on early the next day.

disableing dht does nothing

another problem im having is that "Frostwire" is taking far too long to load up.

"one of them details suggestions to fix your very problem"

if u no what i should do to fix it can u just tell me plz.

ow its ok i got it now dont bother reposting figured it out myself...

just gotta unistsll azerus now....

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I am having interested problem with current version 1.7.5 build 4602,the main window for active torrents does not refresh itself when one active torrent stops because of the peer got disconnected and another torrent starts.

I do not know how to post screen shots here,however if anybody can guide me,I will really appreciate.

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