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I'm having connection problems with my new laptop


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before i explain whats happening i just want to say i have read all the guides and searched all the forums and haven't found what I'm looking for. or at least anything that i could vaguely understand.

I have recently bought a new laptop. a Toshiba satellite (cant remember the model)

Its running vista home basic. Ive got utorrent set up exactly the same as i had it on my other laptop (acer travel-mate running xp home).

i don't know if it has anything to do with vista or that I've missed something but utorrent just doesn't seem to want to connect properly. the little circle at the bottom is always red. whenever i check the ports there working fine.

can anyone help me with this as i really don't want to have to reformat the laptop to xp. is there a patch or something for vista or am i doomed to just have crappy downloads/

thanks in advance


i think i may have put this in the wrong section. if so please move it mods and apologies :D

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