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Slow Internet - solved


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Hi all.

This may be of interest to some...

With uTorrent running, my internet connexion has been gradually getting slower and slower, accompanied (apparently - not confirmed) by a general slowing of the PC.

Through a mixed process of removing various normally running programs, reinstalling uTorrent, reconfiguring uTorrent.... etc, I found that with the commercial version of the new (ex Ewido) Grisoft Anti-Spyware installed, and with uTorrent running, internet service dwindles slowly to almost nothing, with an accompanying (apparently - not quite proven) slowing of the PC.

The effect obtains with or without the AVGAS shield and auto-updates enabled.

Removing AVGAS Pro, with a complete clean-out of the registry, etc, cleared the problem.

With the AVGAS Free version installed, with all the "Pro extras" disabled, including removing the startup entry that installs with it (it downloads as a trial of the commercial version) the problem has not arisen - the internet is fast and responsive, and uTorrent is good with simple Speed Guide settings.

I tested the above a couple of times, re-installing the full "Pro" version of AVGAS - the problem returned; uninstall, clean-out and install a "clean" Free version - everything good!

Why this should be, I cannot say: cpu and memory usage was in no way excessive at any time, neither was the bandwidth usage of uTorrent high.

But if the above helps someone...

I have,

WinXP SP2,

Linksys router (WRT54GS),

Zonealarm firewall (tried it with both 7.5 Pro, and 6.1.744 Free)

AVG Antivirus (Free)




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