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torretn failure...not being tracked


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I've gotten 'Failure: this torrent is not being tracked' whilst trying to upload a file. Here's what I've been doing....

Created a torrent

Added the announce URL in tracker properties from host site (it's definately correct)

Saved it

Started uploading the torrent on the host site (adding the torrent location, etc)

Opened the torrent in uTorrent and then......

.....although it says status is 'downloading' nothing is happening and tracker status shows 'Failure: this torrent is not being tracked'

I'm missing something somewhere but what...?

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When I uploaded it to the site, a code with a long string of numbers was created. Is this the 'passkey' you were referring to?

The instructions on the site on how to upload files is quite confusing and difficult to follow. Their instructions say I'm supposed to copy the code and paste it somewhere after I open the torrent in utorrent. I'm not sure where I'm missing a step

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In order to identify you and keep track of your share ratio, the tracker needs this long number in the announce url.

so that is the number you would have at the xxx in my above URL example.

So the difference between the torrent you initially create with the global tracker URL that is probably provided in the upload FAQ of the page you use is that once a member (including you) will downlaod the torrent file from the site that the universal torrentfile is customised for each member.

So the step you are missing is simply to make sure you use your customised URL link to seed it.

If you still have problems to understand I would suggest you ask in the Help section of your private tracker how to make their system work for you.

My private site of choice explains it this way:

- After uploading the torrent to the site, delete the torrent you have made from your client.

Now download the torrent from the site and as target directory select the location/folder where the files are.

You can now start seeding your torrent.

Edit: Hm, after rereading your initial posting: Why does µT says downloading? Since you are the seeder and have 100% your µT should say seeding once you start the torrent even if the tracker URL might be slightly wrong.

Make sure you actually have the content there where you pointed to while creating the torrent. your description sounds like an error that is independent from any tracker errors.

Are you sure you followed the torrent creation guide in the guides section?


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uTorrent says downloading but number of seeders shows as 0 and it's at 0%.

Ok I'll try again by following what you just explained but if unsuccessful, perhaps if I post up the text from my site explaining how to upload, you may be able to see what I'm doing wrong

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as i already said, YOU are the seeder. if your µT does not show 100% and seeding then you did not point it correctly to the content on your HDD as explained in http://www.utorrent.com/torrent.php

this first error has nothing to do with any aditional error you might get from the tracker for maybe doing something wrong with creating the torrent for the private site.

Create a testtorrent with jsut one file for a public site like piratebay to see if you have udnerstand the explaination in the guide above. On TPB you can't make anything wrong with the tracker if you use the URL mentioned here http://thepiratebay.org/upload

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