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RSS downloader - auto not working


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I have been able to structure rss dl'r to find and capture the torrents i want, but i cant get utorrent to start automatically and begin to download the file.

it used to work, now has stopped. what are the option settings (ie, preferences) for utorrent to auto start the torrents?

clue: when i click on the rss file, utorrent balks at the source file - is my feed wrong?

YEP, my feed was wrong: tvRSS not EZTVEFNET RSS

EDIT: helped instantly, once I changed my feed, the torrents were opend and files begun to DL, but NO worky now? I can see in the releases tab the new torrents were found last night and checked blue, but the DL have not been started?

what am I missing?

thanks LB

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