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Globespan problem?


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Iam using utorrent and a globespan virata modem (model:Volcano) .

I have a256KB connextion wich should give me at least 25kb/s at utorrent

but what happens that it ocsilates from .5kb to 10/12kb and really rarely get to 25kb/s

The network status indicator is green BUT when i check the port it says that it is not open!!!!

i tried everything (desabling windows firewall+forwarding ports as in portforward.com+patching th ipconf.exe+ many essays in this forum )

but nothing worked!

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Those speeds as in the speed guide:

upload speed 112kb/s

download speed 130kb/s

the settings iam using is xx/256kb

Iam using windows XP sp2 professional with a desabled firewall

ordinary downloads(not torrent) gives me 30-32kb/s

but what this speed testing has to do with utorrent?

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