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Download is fine, but slow upload


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I belong to a private tracker which requires a healthy ratio, and I try to seed as much as I can, but my upload speeds are absolutely pathetic. When I download I reach speeds of 600-900 KB/s with a good swarm, but when I seed I only get about 10 KB/s and I connect to very few peers. I disabled the upload limit, but it doesn't make a difference.

I know my connection, like most, has a much higher download rate than upload. But when I upload to a good FTP server I get about 100 KB/s up. What settings am I missing that could be causing the problem?

Edit: Turns out my ISP does some sneaky packet shaping. Connecting through an encrypted VPN, I'm uploading at a solid 95 KB/s.

I wonder why they only cap outgoing data...

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