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New attribute in old files...


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Excuse for clumsy English

Situation such.

For us on a local resource http://tracker.starlink.ru (not for advertising)

The additional attribute (userkey) for announce.php in this connection the path of announcement will vary will be entered and will look approximately so for each user:

http://tracker.starlink.ru/announce.php? userkey=xxxxxxxxxx

Further simply citation the instruction for bit torrent:

Where ххх - numbers from 0 to 9 and characters from ' a ' to ' f ' (only 10 characters)

At creation torrent also it will be necessary to specify path of announcement with a key, differently you torrent will not be connected to tracker.

Manually not to change path of announcement for all torrents which you distribute it is possible to download archive in which 3 files, one of which script userkey.php

The instruction on change url announcements for all torrents:

1. All three files should be put in directory Torrents of folder BitComet

2. To download any torrent and to look in program BitComet section Trackers (Trackers) what the path is specified (should be specified with a key? userkey =...)

3. To open a file userkey.php through a notepad and to change a key on that which you see in program BitComet

4. To fulfil a script by means of a file php.exe (userkey.php, 2 times to click with the mouse to open with the help to find a file php.exe and to select it to press ОК)

In all xml files url announcements should vary.

For people which distribute less than 10 toorents it is possible to change manually url announcements for all torrents.

It is possible as in Utorrent to add this parametre without superfluous dancings round a tambourine?

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First of all this is the µtorrent forum. BitComet isn't only a rival client but a lot of us here despise it for their cheating bugs and/or tactics.

The announcement path is hardcoded into the torrent and isn't changed by µtorrent. Your tracker package should handle inserting the correct userkey into tracker url of the .torrent file when a user downloads it.

Second if I understand only half of what you are trying to suggest it is not gonna be implemented. µtorrent will never execute foreign code (php.exe).

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