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Utorrent and me


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Hi, first off i'm new here an i'm not sure if this is the relevant place to post this but i think it is.

I recently/am making the switch from azureus to utorrent, mainly because my d/l computer is shit and utorrent is a very light program.

I would like to say that i am very pleased with the program and it was easy to use straight off the mark. Obviously I've had a bit of experience with torrent clients but still it was easy to find my way around the program. I'm very pleased with it and will be sticking with it for sure.

During the setup process the only thing i thought that could be improved on was the scheduler setup, i found it a little bit hard to setup to my needs and had to use the irc for help, which was also very helpful, thanks to gharik who straight away gave me a hand.

I think it needs to be with time and numbers not the shaded squares.

Anyway thats enough from me for now, i just wanted to express my feelings of the program having experienced the other major program out there (Azureus).

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