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Multi-Tracker display anomoly when gui.update_rate is modified


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When the gui.update_rate is modified, it has an effect on the alternating Tracker URL display that the user may not expact, and one that is difficult to work-around.

When the gui.update_rate is set to something other than 1000 ms, the Tracker URL display continues to advance through the list displaying 1 Tracker per 1000 ms.

As a result, some trackers displays are missed entirely or are displayed at irregular intervals.

A possible fix would be to advance through the list at the rate set in gui.update_rate.

To reproduce:

1. Start a torrent with 4 trackers, note that you see all 4 trackers alternating in the General display

2. Set the gui.update_rate to 2000 ms. Note that two trackers are being displayed, and the other two trackers are never displayed.

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