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Problem with utorrent+Pics inside


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Hi sorry for my bad English i'm German.

Look at the Seeds in () i have 352 Connects


and then look here, there are 4 seeds to download why are there not 352 seeds to?

i dont understand :(


at torrent.to there are 352 seeds to.

I have DSL 1000 here are my Network options:


Pls Help me :( thats Slow down the speed :(

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Because you set your settings up very horribly. What's your upload? I would assume something like 256 upload.

50 connections/torrent, 150 total, you shouldn't be running more than 3 or 4 torrents at once. 3 upload slots per torrent.

And use a port besides 6881-6889.

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The number in parenthesis is not the amount of seeds/peers connected to you, it's the amount connected to the tracker iirc. The reason why you get low speeds is as Firon said, that you have waaay too many torrents running. And if you count the amount of peers you're connected to you get 113 in the first pic, which is fairly near the limit you set.


Global maximum number of connects - 300

max. numbers of connected peers to torrent - 75

number of upload slot per torrent - 10

Max. numbers of up & download at activ torrents - 5

max. numbers of active downloads - 3 or 2

The port should be okay

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