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Getting tracker to work


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My uTorrent 1.6.1 tracker shows the red icon and times out.

But the tracker for Azereus on the same computer seems to work, OK. How is it that the Azereus could work and uTorrent not? I am going though a router and have not done anything with port forwarding to make Azereus work.

I have checked true to bt_enabletracker

I added my tracker address as http://hishands.homeip.net:12700/announce to the torrent.

I have enabled UnPnP port mapping

I am at XP Por SP2 with Norton Internet Security

And I exited Azureus so there would be no collisions between the two.

Where should I look first?




I tried hosting a tracker on my other computer behind the same router.

I turned off UnPnP port mapping as Portforward.com suggested.

And forwarded the port using my router config screens.

Still the tracker is showing offline.

What should I try next?

Here is the announce...




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