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Error Access Denied. Vista 32. uTorrent 1.7. No answer in FAQ or forum


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I have studied the FAQ and all threads I can find on this subject.

I only d/l movies, usually 720p Bluray or HDDVD rips.

The "Error Access Denied" message has become an inevitable part of my torrent life.

In Win XP (Event 4226 patched) with uT 1.6 it never appeared. I was regularly getting 700KB/s down, sometimes 1MB/s down. Now I am lucky to get 200 KB/s and overnight at least 15 of my d/l will start returnninbg the "Error Access Denied " message. I just have to start them to get going again but they start to reoccurr within 10 - 15 mins. Shall I downgrade?

Any help gratefully appreciated

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Thx for all your input. I now have two courses of action that I will test.

Firstly I will move my torrents download directory so it is further away from the root. Presently it is I:\torrents. I will move it to I:\torrent files\torrents.

Secondly I will downgrade back to 1.6.

I shall try these fixes independently and report back.

Whether either of these prove to be a solution, there can be no doubt that there is a real BUG in running uTorrent under Vista.

I have already experimented with upload/queue settings and whatever i do the simple fact is that where I was getting 1 MB/s down in XP I am lucky to get 200 KB/s in Vista.

I never really wanted Vista anyway. I see no benefit in it at all, only additional interference with my control of my PC. I only ever "up"graded because I had come to the regular six month necessity of reinstalling XP and decided I might as well give it a try.

I could set out here another six or seven specific reasons why Vista is reducing the functionality of my system. Can anyone offer me just one real benefit that I might gain from keeping it?

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Oh! I misunderstood. So I won't bother with moving the download directory. My only practical option seems to be to try a downgrade to 1.6.

I am mystified by the Event 4226 issue. Is this or is it not an issue in Vista? I am told that it will make no difference except to the number of peers that one connects to immediately and that within a few minutes one's connections will settle down to the same result anyway. Is this a red herring?

At the moment all I can be 100% sure of is that returning to 1.6 under XP will give a 500% improvement!!

Firon - shall I try d/l the UPX version of 1.7??

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Event 4226 issues happen with Win XP and Vista when you set µTorrent's half open limit too high.

Half open connections are newly-attempted OUTGOING connections to other ips from your computer. Once the other ip responds to your connection attempt, then it quits being a half open connection (the phone quit ringing because they answered the phone) and becomes a regular connection.

Basically, the half open limit the number of new connections to attempt at once.

...But if you're not firewalled, then others can connect TO you and their attempts don't count against your half open limit. This can be a *BAD* thing on torrents with 30,000+ combined seeds/peers, as potentially 1,000's could be trying to connect to you every minute!

Even with a half open connection rate of 4 (half the normal limit), you could probably connect to 1000+ connections within 15 minutes. ...And chances are you don't need to connect to more than 100.

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