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utorrent permanently hampering internet connection


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Around 2 weeks ago i installed utorrent, a few days ago after my internet connection began to lag i decided to get rid of it. i deleted the program, however my connection remained at 1.0 mmps.

Browsing the forums i then tried installing the beta version and uninstalling that using the add/remove programs function.

Still, it remains at 1.0 mmps.

So i installed the 1.6.1 and uninstalled that using the uninstall that accompanys it.

Still, 1.0 mmps.

I tried searching for all files containing utorrent and deleting them all, but you can guess the outcome.

1.0 mmps

I would be tremendously grateful if anyone could shed any advice regarding the matter.

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Read the "fair use/usage" guidelines by your ISP.

There may be a separate section for bandwidth limits per day/week/month.

Chances are you exceeded them.

You can also try doing GOOGLE searches for information about your ISP throttling BitTorrent traffic, file-sharing traffic in general, or even ALL internet traffic based on time-of-day/week/etc.

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