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Slow speed due to ISP throtteling open port?


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Before we start I have to say that I have tried EVERY thing to get my speeds up. (Yes also the guides, open and forwarded port, the patches, encryption enabled/forced and so on...)

I live in Iceland and I know that all ISPs here are throttling torrent traffic (well for home users at least).

Now, it seems that the protocol encryption is not working in uTorrent (nor Azureus and BitComet) seeing that I only get speeds of 1-2 kB/s on international IPs.

But here's the strange thing, on domestic IPs (Icelandic IPs) I always get better speeds depending on the seeders/leechers (normally around 400-600 kB/s speeds).

Doesn't that suggest that the ISP is throttling international torrent traffic? (Encryption not working?)

Is there another way to "hide" torrent traffic?

P.s.: I can't open/forward my ports. I have to call the ISP and have them do it. They control the router settings :(

But they are always happy to open ports, no hassle there. Right now I have one port open, and it's a port above 49500

Any sugestions?

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