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uTorrent and L2TP Compatibility


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I was wondering if uTorrent is compatible with L2TP?

My Azereus tracker works OK but my uTorrent tracker only gets the red light on the torrent I am trying to upload/track when cable connected via a Level One WBR-3406TX router configured to WAN setting L2TP.

If uTorrent tracking is supposed to work with a L2TP WAN configuration is there a special set of instructions for how to configure it? Port Forwarding does not seem to be the answer.

I am asking the question in the General forum because I want to verify that YES, uTorrent and L2TP are a supported combination. I want to try out any special instructions (if any exist) before opening a topic in the troubleshooting forum so I don't waste people's time on the forum.

I would like to host my torrents on uTorrent because I understand that should I go offline as a tracker... the swarm will continue on the backs of those uTorrent clients seeding the swarm. I read somewhere that Azureus distributed and uTorrent distributed tracking are incompatible. So I would prefer to track with uTorrent so the swarm can live on. Maybe you can tell me don't sweat it... use Azureus anyway for the tracking since ...???

I love the small foot print and easy set up of uTorrent and will recommend my future clients to use it to join the swarm.



I got port forwarding to work with L2TP finally. I had used a wrong alternate DNS AND port forwarding only started working after I rebooted the router AND AND AND the computer. I don't recall seeing the need to reboot the computer on PortForwarding.com

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