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I am an idiot. I am able to d'load / upload....but, I totally messed


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Ok. I admit, I am an idiot. An idiot in the sense that I actually tried for three weeks to configure my system so that I could run bitcomet. I purchased three different routers as I kept being told is was my routers inability to work with their software. Well, finally someone told me to try utorrent....and whola! everything worked brilliantly. I couldn't be happier with the software.

THE PROBLEM: I tried organize all my downloads into a single folder and I totally screwed up the configuration of the utorrent software. Obviously, I have no idea on what I did or how I can resolve it. The corrent files loaded in my utorrent software have the error: can't open .torrent file: c:\Downloads\xyz.torrent

I thought I moved all of the files to that folder as when I open the c:\Downloads, I clearly see the xyz.torrent.

I have totally messed this up, and any advice will be greatly appreciated. Maybe someone could tell me how they have their machine/software configured.

Basically, I would like to have all the downloaded files go into this c:/downloads folder, and then I thought utorrent would create the sub-folders of each file downloaded...if that makes sense?

YES, I am an idiot!

thanks again!

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