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No connection could be made because the target machine actively refuse


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I'm actually having the exact (as far as can be determined from this information) same issue. I was running 1.6 just fine on a Vista system through a Siemens DSL modem and D-Link router. In fact when I upgraded to 1.7 I was currently seeding and downloading several torrents. When 1.7 became active all the torrents stopped dead (0 peers seeding or leeching), and each one stated that "no connection [could] be made because the target machine [was] actively [refusing] it."

I attempted to open torrents from other trackers that I've used successfully in the past with similar results. I even attempted to open the Open Office torrent suggested in this thread and the same tracker error is reported. I've left them up for two days to attempt connections with no luck whatsoever.

I've got all the firewalls on the machine and router set to allow utorrent, my ISP has never given an issue before (ATTYahoo!DSL), and as stated before 1.6 was running the torrents just fine before updating to 1.7.

Any further suggestions other than giving 1.7 the heave-ho and reinstalling 1.6?

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