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Please Help Me With NAT ERROR!!!


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OK, i just recently switched from azerus to Utorrent, Due to the chunky java applet eating my ram away. When i began using Utorrent it was all good for about 4 mins and then i seen at the bottom it said Nat Error!.. I fist set everything to the ports that azerus used, becuase i didnt have a NAT error with it after the port forwarding. So, when that didnt work i went into windows firewall and made a added aport (12345) and also added this in the port forwarding also made sure the UpNp framework was inabled. I Have been trying to solve this problem for about a week now. I hope somone on this site can please help me so i DONT have to swich back to Aerus or one of those other Bulky programs that eat resources.

Here are my System Stats...

AMD Sempron 2600+ (2.04Ghz 64bit)

512 MBS of PC 3200 Ram

120 Hitachi HD

5 Mbit Cable Connection

Netgear 54MBPS Wireless Router model # WGR614

Thanks To All In Advance! :D

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I guess it's a 2600+ 64bit 1.6Ghz oc'd to 2Ghz. So that should help Silvers confusion, sorry no help for Josh...

Josh, maybe you can try this guide http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Netgear/WGR614/default.htm

Don't know its any help, I'm having some router issues as well at the moment so good luck to you

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