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Weird torrent behaviour


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I re-installed Windows a few days ago, and since then my torrents have gone loco. Before I got a modest 30kb/sec upload rate, and still do with some trackers, but with others, especially ones where I am the only seeder, they are sporadically jumping up to a 2.8kb/sec upload rate, then counting straight back down to zero?? They are definitely kosher trackers, as I am in contact with other people who use them with no problems. I have tried everything to solve this, including re-installing my modem, using a port above 60000,and testing if its forwarded properly, set all the recommended upload and download rates, number of connections etc on the client, I've run a speed test which came back with this......

Date of Speed Test: 2007-06-27 18:48:07

Download Speed: 133.5 KB/sec transfer rate

Upload Speed: - 28.5 KB/sec transfer rate

This shows its not my bandwidth I think. I have also tried TCP Optimizer, and have included utorrent in my FIrewall exception list. I have also tried at least two other clients with the same results! Anyone fancying a challenge, please reply. Nobody did to my last plea for help, so I'm hoping you utorrent (sorry cant type that funky U, saw the way to somewhere but forgot) users will pull through with some great advice.



Dell DM E520

XP Media Center Edition

Intel® Core2 CPU 6300 @ 1.8Ghz

1.86Ghz, 1.00GB RAM

Speedtouch 330 USB Modem

TalkTalk Online Security (My own Internet Providers security software. Could this be the problem? It was fine before the Windows reload though)

Any other vital info you'd like, PLEASE ask me

Also, all of a sudden I'm constanly getting inbound TCP scan Firewall alerts. Are these related?

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