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uTorrent slowing down pc


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Hi I'm new to bittorrent so some help is greatly appreciated.

I installed uTorrent because it was supposed to have minimal effect on the computer.

Starting uTorrent caused no problem but once I started downloading my pc speed was reduced to a crawl. uTorrent continued to work great but I was unable to use the pc for anything else. Even starting something like task manager took around 10 minutes before anything happened. I tried to reduce the cache memory from automatic to 12meg but it made little difference. I've tried limiting the down load speed too. I'm using a medium speed braodband connection.

As far as I am aware my pc, albeit a few years old, is well within spec.

As I said all help will be greatly appreciated.


PC Spec:

AMD Athlon XP 1900+ 1.61GHz

768MB Ram

Operating system Windows XP

60GB hard Drive

I use:

AVG internet security

Sygate firewall

Windows Defender

not too sure what other info to give.

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