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2952: Two seeding bugs


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#1. ...(edit: nevermind!)

#2. In previous versions of uTorrent, if there was only one peer connected while in initial-seeding mode, he downloaded piece-after-piece at maximum rate -- which I like. In 2952, he gets one piece and then uTorrent won't send any more until a very lengthy delay (or until the peer disconnects and reconnects) -- this, IMO, is very undesirable in a new torrent since the new peer may just quit to come back a couple days later if he thinks the torrent will be a dog slow initial seed.

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I thought the last build before 2999 was 2951 -- but in 2951 or whatever build came before 2999, the behavior I saw when Initial-Seeding was the expected behavior and not what the O.P. is reporting.

Three ideas:

#1. The peer is not indicating Interested in the next piece, or the peer is not requesting if unchoked.

#2. ISP interference is blocking the have messages. The peer is reconnecting because the ISP sent a "RST" (e.g. Comcast's P2P management).

#3. The peer is Mainline 5.0.7 which has a bug affecting Super-Seeding

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