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Not to happy with my speeds, all details inside!

Bor Derline

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Hi everyone,

I have recently got broadband here BT Ireland 2Mbit ASDL service and am not too happy about the speeds I am getting in comparison to some of my friends on the local cable service at 2Mbit with torrents.

Since I use public trackers the seeding ratios are not always brilliant but I try to choose ones that are the best for the particular file I am after, and some of the more exotic ones I choose are seeded well in comparison to peers - still I only get around max 50 KBytes - 70KBytes per sec.

I hope you guys can help! Thanks....I have followed as much as I can the guides etc...


My details:

Windows ME (I know, I know only use this dung machine for torrents and don't use the others when torrenting)

-MaxConnections in registry set to 100

-On static IP on LAN

ADSL details

- 2Mbit Bt Ireland

-speed test average 1600Kbit/sec download and 220Kbit/sec upload

-ZyXEL Prestige 660RU-T1 ASDL 2 router/modem with latest firmware and port correctly forwarded

Utorrent 1.6 Build 474

-Green light down below :)

-Port 1720 (I don't use VOIP and I thought this port may be unthrottled at ISP)

-UpNp disabled

-Gloval maximum upload rate 20 and 0 for when not downloading

-Global maximum download rate 160

-Glocal maximum number of connections 80 (I put this here as of Ultimas specifics for windows me users in the sticky, said to have it lower than the MaxConnections in registry)

-Maximum number of connected peers per torrent 55

-Number of upload slots per torrent 2 and the check box for under 90 % ticked

-Additional Bittorrent features all ticked

-Protocol encryption enabled and allow legacy connections ticked

-Maximum number of torrents upload and download 2

-Advanced settings net.max_halfopen set to 40 and peer.lazybitfield set to true

Firewall Agnitum Outpost 1.01.1817

-Rule created for utorrent.exe always trust this application

Antivirus Avast! 4.7 Home

-Running Internet Shield and Internet mail providers


Thats all I can think of for now. Any help would restore my faith in mankind and is the only way to save my young family.


-Bor Derline

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Sorry I was incorrect avast! is running Standard and Internet Mail Shield, so they are just standard real time av stuff.

Not running Internet Shield as there is no such thing <stupid me>

The one bit of settings in utorrent I never understood or got a good explanation of on the net is the maximum number of connected peers per torrent setting.

All the rest of them I am following the standard tweaking of settings dogma...could never find anything solid on that particular one.

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