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µTorrent 1.7 Release Candidate 6 (build 3295)


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Thaank you all, when I see the new beta and you make my day. Love it. Yeah it has improved quite a lot since 1.6, I just wander what to expect for the next season of 1.8 beta. UUU Crazy

Thanks one again, i am a true fen of yours


Just a fast Q

you are a bunch of allies developing this great product, is that what you do for a living, or it is a hobby, and since it is free... I dont understand

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For the Icon i have checked it out.

I found out it only contains

16x16 4-bit; Icon Entry Ord: 1

48x48 8-bit; Icon Entry Ord: 2

32x32 8-bit; Icon Entry Ord: 3

16x16 8-bit; Icon Entry Ord: 4

256x256 32-bit; Vista Icon Entry Ord: 9

and XP choose the 48x48 8-bit; Icon Entry Ord: 2

8-bit is 256 colors

therefore no alpha bluring is found at the edge and it show as jagged edges

I have create a new batch of Icons for Utorrent using the 256x256 32-bit; Vista Icon Entry Ord: 9

It ranges from 256x256 32-bit Vista to 16x16 4bit color

hope it helps

This is just the ico file

New Icon

A Cleaned up version May look smaller around the edge but sharper

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@james99: Thanks for the effort, but we already have a massive version of the icon -- 1.5MB's worth to be exact. The reason 8-bit color depth was used is already outlined up above. The size of your icons just proves it for us already. Even though filesize isn't a focus for µTorrent, there has to be a tradeoff. It'd be ridiculous to have ~40% of the entire executable be composed of a single icon.

@Vyriix: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=25593

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If it finds them through the local discovery broadcast, then they are local peers. Or they should be, anyway. If you can get more upload than you should be able to, then they're basically LAN peers (though it can just be a "LAN" of peers on your ISP).

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