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µTorrent 1.7 Release Candidate 6 (build 3295)


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If the 'LAN' you describe is merely a custom subdivision made by your ISP to allow high-speed traffic between members of the same ISP I wouldn't even describe it as a LAN in both the common definition as from the technical perspective. Its just a special set of speed limiting rules in the network of your ISP.

Indeed. By the time it reaches the ISP-level (or outside of your LAN), it's considered at least a MAN, and not a L(ocal)AN. Customizable range? Dunno, I can see it getting abused in a way not unlike banning other peers so that a single peer can finish faster and become a seed (bad reason for peer prioritization).

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Version 1.7 (build 3148) RC3 out

--- 2007-07-04: Version 1.7 (build 3148)

- Change: Only report downloaded, verified good pieces in tracker announce

- Change: Fix seeding queue behaviour when prio_no_seeds was enabled

- Change: Show the local bandwidth in the status bar and in the speed graph (the latter in purple and blue)

- Change: Always show total bandwidth in status bar, even when option to show bandwidth limit in status bar is enabled

- Change: Add a limit local peers option to the bittorrent options in the preferences window

- Fix: Some rare case memory leaks

- FiX: Rebar chevron dropdown menu with some custom toolbar skins (previously it would sometimes have a black background on each icon)

- Fix: Correct disabling of other controls when automatic uplink throttling is checked

- Fix: Enable escape key to work right after the apply button is pressed in the preferences dialog

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Kaspersky Anti-Virus find a virus in µTorrent RC2 : not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.Agent.bn


It deletes µTorrent automatically and I can't use it. I don't understand because I use RC2 since two days without problem and it's happened only this morning.


Where did you find the RC3 ?!?

pihug12 :cool:

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1 more Q whay there is a difference in the flags between these 2

The difference is that some flags are automatically assigned to certain TLDs without this set (e.g. *.se will get a Swedish flag), whereas IPs without a reverse DNS will have to be actively looked up to see what country a certain IP belongs to. That is what peer.resolve_country does.

Or directly copied from the help file:

peer.resolve_country: Enabling this option tells µTorrent to use an Internet database of IP addresses (a DNSBL) to determine a peer's country. Even if the settings directory contains flags.conf and flags.bmp, this option will take precedence, and the internal flag images will be used instead.

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I don't know if this is a bug, see this. I am using VPN


the values are both equal

edit: sorry the smaller up (29.9) is internet too through DHT, but the torrent is local. 1st one is an Internet torrent only


no have cabel to my lan card & vpn connection to e server from the lan, but it is verry big Lan probably even Man

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so is it couse my lan & internet are connected(my internet comes through lan)? if so it is dull to have them both , it will be cool if these is an option to chose if i wonna have them or no. in my instance they are useless

edit: have an idea, how about this or sth of that kind


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I just want to say that utorrent RC2 (build 2999) is working very good for me (I use XP SP2). The only thing that I think is not perfect is the icon but that's just a minor issue.


Anyway, I would be glad to see in the next release an option to let me choose an hour when the download or the upload could be stopped and the computer turned off. Let's say I want uttorent to work till 6 AM and at that hour I want the computer to turn off by itself.


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I would also like to note that I have not had any serious problems and have been happy with most of the betas I used, the non serious issue being the multiselecting of files in the add torrent dialog which was fixed later on (acts kinda wierd now though).

RC3 isn't resolving hosts though ("Hostname not found"), replacing the domain name with an ip address or switching back to rc2 is necessary for me to connect to any of the six trackers available overall normally.

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Hostnames are resolving just fine for me. My guess is that it's a stupid firewall issue. Try recreating your firewall rules.

Regarding those virus "alerts" up above, it's because of stupid antivirus signatures/heuristics associating PECompacted executables with malware. It's not our fault that malware creators happen to compact their executables as well.

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My router is my firewall so it's not a soft firewall issue (disabled it, seemed like overkill, I'm fine with antivirus/mail scanning/http scanning). Would deleting the config data have any effect on this type of error? I can't find any other indication of a problem on my computer, even disabled the entire internet security set to be sure.

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