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Troubleshooting complete


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I am downloand a file that's 6.52gb. It's downloading very slow. Open office downloaded quick. It stated in the troubleshooting it may be in the swarm or something. Don't know what that meant. I noticed that my isp provider is or was on the list of bad isp providers. What I mean is I used to be with Adelphia until last year Time Warner aquired them. The isp only blocks seeding though. Whatever that truly means. What do I do now? It's downloading very slow. The ETA is 1d 5h

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Network like green

Port checker writes: Checking port 25164 on

OK! Port 25164 is open and accepting connections.

You will be able to receive incoming BitTorrent connections.

Speed guide settings show 512k connection type.

Affected settings: Upload limit 47 kb/s Upload slots: 4

Connections per torrent: 90 Connections global: 250

Max active torrents: 3 Max active downloads: 2

Current Port 25164

Enable encryption: Checked

OS: Windows XP

Norton Antivirus

Windows firewall disabled. No other installed

Superantispyware installed. Not open

Adaware installed. Not open

Router caused problems with connection, so I disconnected it and went direct. Was in use for VoIP

Modem is a RCA DCM425

ISP: Time Warner which recently aquired adelphia

Cable broadband

Test Results: 5484kb/s Down 128kb/s Up

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I am getting about the exact same messages and everything but for me it is not downloading or less than 10kb download but with 3.5 to 6kb upload almost all the time. I got the same gen. speeds when I tested it but my provider is Canby Telcom (that all I know about them). Is there a patch or something out that might update UTorrent? Patches usually help fix things...

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