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Crashes in Preferences


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I have the following problem with the latest version of utorrent

(as with all previous versions)

I start the program, go into options / preferences intending to

set it up,

I can open General , Folder , Other, Advanced and Scheduler

but as soon as I click on Network, Torrent or Seeding priority

the program crashes with the following message

"utorrent has crashed unable to generate crash dump"

thereafter I get the standard microsoft crash message

I know this is a problem specific to my machine,as I can run

the program on my laptop. I've tried deleting settings etc

but no joy.

Anyone any ideas ???

Running : Athlon XP 2000+, Windows XP Pro (german language version),

DSL, NO ROUTER, Norton Antivirus 2003,

as a workaround, I ran and set up the program on my laptop, then transferred

the settings, will this work ??

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