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Utorrent stops internet connection, green icon is ON, xp SP2


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I haven't use utorrent for a week and before all works great with no problems (xp SP1, ZoneAlarm tuned as it would be, utorrent options also.. everything worked great).

Meantime I upgraded my xp to SP2, which may be, but not necessary, cause of my problem. But the fact is that first time using utorrent on SP2 i noticed this strange behavior:

When I open utorrent, that moment my internet connection stops and i can't surf web pages any more!! After closing utorrent internet connection is back... ! And so on.. In the same time utorrent green icon is on when utorrent is active!!

Whats going on here?

Shouldn't it all be ok when green icon is on?

But it is not - Upload works fine (full speed) but download is between 5 - 15KB/s with healthy torrent with hundreds of seeders (as I mentioned, download speed works great in SP1 and was cca 100KB/s for healthy torrents)

I didn't patched yet connection limit in SP2 because it is suggested only for improving speed. In my case I think that problem is perhaps something different - My primary problem is that utorrent stops internet connection for surfing!

Any suggestion?


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