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Cannot upload unwritable file (but can upload unwritable directory)


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With build 2951, I successfully uploaded a directory across a read-only Windows network share.

My next upload was on the same share, but was a single file. UTorrent threw an "access denied" error and I was forced to use a writeable share.

1. Click the "Add New" button, navigate to the .torrent, and click OK. The "Add New Torrent" window opens.

2. Click the "..." button and navigate to the file on a read-only share. Click Save. An error appears

Title Bar: Save As



Cannot access this file.

Check security privileges over the network drive.

This is moderately important to me. I would like to use read-only shares to keep me from accidentally overwriting my files. So my preferred behavior is for uTorrent to allow me to access the file across the read-only share, and only throw an error if the hashcheck fails and uTorrent wants to write to the target and cannot.

I'm sure this problem existed in the previous release, and if I was you, I would not hold up the next release if fixing this bug is complicated. I definitely would appreciate it if it could be fixed, but I can live with it.

I can reproduce this on build 2999, too.

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Actually, it'd be a sweet improvement if there were a "lock torrent" command on the right-click pop-menu; it'd prevent uTorrent from downloading while permitting uploading. It'd be a lot easier than manually messing with file properties (a DL rate of zero isn't presently implemented either).

...I'm going off to put this in requests right now....

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It is a limitation (well... behaviour) of the Windows "save as..." dialog - it checks to see whether the file is writable. The trick is that when you specify "skip hashcheck" it uses the "open" dialog.

EDIT: Only a limitation if you have it validate the path... which we do ourselves anyway :)

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