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Comodo issue. and yes, ive read the setup and done as it said


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anyone a comodo expert?

uT works fine when i close comodo, but when i the open comodo again, uT stays green for about 3 mins before going "yellow triangle" on status.

ive read all the tutorials i can find on this, and still it dosent work.

i set up the port forwarding correctly, but it dosent work when comodo has been running for about 3 mins.

port used for uT is 60696

in network monitor settings in comodo, the first is this...

"allow TCP or UDP IN from ip any to ip any where source port is any and destination port is 60696"

surly this is all i need to make uT work with that port (baring in mind it forwards correctly when comodo is offline)

in the logs, after 3mins of comodo being online, it starts writing logs, about 5 every other second.

the log either says, "inbound policy violation, ip=woteva, port= 60960, reason network rule 6"


"IPV, icpm=port unreachable"

rule 6 is the standard last block rule.

I switched from ZA pro coz it mucked up uT, n now comodo seems 2 not work perfectly either.

Does anyone know how i can sort this issue out? any ideas will be appreciated

Thanks for your time


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I have the same exact rule but i set it on "A set of ports" instead so if i get any other applications needing port forwarding i can just add it.

Make sure the rule is above the block rule. I made that mistake but when i put the block rule below the other rules than it worked.

Comodo reads rule priority from top to bottom.

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µTorrent also uses the ephemeral port range (roughly 1000-5000) OUTGOING to attempt to connect to other BitTorrent peers and seeds. Communication with the trackers may be on different ports as well. Make sure Comodo isn't blocking any of that.

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Precisely 1024-5000 :) With some firewalls, you might not even need to specify the destination port in the firewall rules; you only need to specify the local ports being used (in which case only the ephemeral ports need to be forwarded, and not necessarily the tracker ports).

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