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1.2.1 beta3 and making a torrent


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"- Feature: Create torrent window supports multitracker"

i think there is a bug: when i`m creating a torrent using uTorrent 1.2.1 b3 and I use only one tracker address it create not one-tracker .torrent but multitracker .torrent file even if there is only one tracker give in option

so i cant use 1.2.1b3 to create a torrent for private torrent site becouse I have an error that only onetracker torrent are supported :/

so I sugget to add an option to choose:

[ ] one tracker

[ ] multitracker

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It's not the "appearance." If I upload the torrent to a private tracker, using only its tracker address, I get an error saying "multiple trackers not allowed!"

It's as if uTorrent *can't* create a *single* tracker torrent. I'm not confused by the options, or the appearance. It just doesn't work as it should.


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I had a similar problem. Creating a single-tracker torrent for a tbsource-based private site (which works in v1.2) yielded a torrent that didn't work properly when I uploaded it.

tbsource modifies torrents to add a 'passkey' to the tracker, so that the site can track your downloads/uploads. (It looks like announce.php?passkey=XXXXXX.) However, my beta-created torrents weren't modified, and therefore when downloading from the site, my torrent would get rejected by the tracker for having an invalid passkey.

It is possible to fix this by editing the tracker manually through µT or another client that supports it and adding your passkey, except the only way to find your passkey is by downloading another torrent from that site, and obviously this is not going to happen with most n00bs :P

If it helps, I had the private flag on, for obvious reasons. I've now reverted back to using 1.2 because of this problem, and all is fine.

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Firon - yes I`m for 10000% sure that I`m using 1.2.1 :)

torrents made by utorrent I cant upload to all sites with torrents that are private(accept only onetracker torrent with passkey) - even if RIVATE TORRENT is checked:/

so I must use Azureus to making .torrents :(

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