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Minor (likely easily-fixed) Preferences dialog bugs (build 2999)


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/me pokes Ryan

1) After pressing Apply in the Preferences, pressing Esc on the keyboard doesn't close the dialog.

2) Automatic uplink throttling... After you enable it, the global upload rate limit setting and the and the "Alternate upload rate when not downloading" checkbox get grayed properly. After you exit the dialog (pressing OK or whatever), return to the Preferences dialog again. You'll find that the automatic checkbox is checked, but the two aforementioned options aren't grayed any longer.

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I just want to remind that not all of the peerid of the same client are parsed in the same way. We have something like:

µTorrent 1.6

µTorrent 1.6.1


BitComet 0.56


The new way to display clients sucks already, but showing the same client in few different ways is an overkill.

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Here is one more glitch:


Double-clicking on the red-marked separators does not produce an auto-resize of the column, as it should.

It works fine in the main window, but not in "add new torrent".

edit: it's still not working in 3295

edit2: fixed in 3341

tnx alot :)

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