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General upload, download question


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I am a new user and sometimes it seems that my upload speed is much greater than my download speed. When i did a speed test i got these results:

Mirror: TPG

Data: 3 MB

Test Time: 8.33 secs

Your line speed is 2.94 Mbps (2941 kbps).

Your download speed is 368 KB/s (0.36 MB/s).

Could someone tell me how to make my dowloads faster??

Also i have a 15 Gb download limit. Will that be wasted by my uploads and downloads, or just my downloads?


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I am new to this myself. But from playing around with this you can set your upload speed in the options tab under the speed guide. Then under connection type you can change the speed setting for up loads. From what i have noticed this has not messed with the download speed at all.

As far as the downloads, I don't think it is you. It depends on who you get connected to and what they have their upload speed is set to.

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Did you run µTorrent's Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and choose the correct UPLOAD speed setting?

If you chose xx/2mbit, that's probably why you're having problems -- because your upload is probably far less than your download.

You probably need to choose something between xx/128k and xx/640k.

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