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speed help me


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i´me new in this torrent thong , and i´ve been searching the site help, but i cant get any answer, or probably i didnt find them. so here is what is happening !

i have a file with 698Mb i´m downloading in utorrent , it downloaded almost all of it in one afternoon , but stopped at 99,4%, and it is downloading at the speed of 0,1 kB/s there is a ratio of 1,298 , in the peers it says , 50(3008) , seeds 0(0) , and availability 0.993 .

please help me

thank you

Raphael Jacques

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Well, availability of 0.993 means there's only 99.3% of the total file/s available...and since you already have 99.4% ...there doesn't seem a chance at all of finishing the download.

It's probably a dead torrent and may even be a fake torrent.

If you're SURE it's not a fake torrent, reduce your upload slots and upload speed on it to 1 and just forget that torrent's still running.

...and go find better torrents. :P

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